London: Best Vegan Food (Part V)

Hello and happy Sunday!

It’s time for some more recommendations for amazing vegan food in ultra-vegan friendly and all-round dream city London! (Scroll to the bottom for links to further recommendations.) I was there for an extended weekend recently and wanted to share some of my new favorites. I’m also including some places from my January visit (I lost the photos for that one so will be using from other sources where mentioned). Enjoy!

Grazie Dio It’s Vegan


The name says it all: thank God it’s vegan! This collaboration between the incredible PickywopsThe Fish Out and The Good Gin Company has resulted in a not-to-be-missed spot for EPIC Italian vegan food in Brixton Village. I had the Hemp Genovese (orecchiette pasta, new age Genovese pesto, datterini tomatoes, ‘parmisan’ with added ‘sausage’ and bac’n crumble), which was mindblowingly delicious & deeply satisfying, reminding me of just how glorious a really well done plate of pasta is. The ‘parmisan’ and vegan sausage tasted like the real thing and complemented the pesto perfectly. My friend Amy went for the pomodoro pasta, which she said tasted like her nonna’s (probably no higher praise for Italian food?), while Leila loved the tempeh & potato calzonicini and plantain dish by Pickywops. I’d love to go back and try literally everything else – including the tiramisu!

WAVE – We Are Vegan Everything


This fully vegan cafe in Hackney was a bit of a trek for me, but absolutely worth it. How could it not be, stemming from the founders of Cupakes and Shhht. Perfect for brunch or coffee and cake, there is a wonderful selection of both sweet and savory options. I ended up going for the Brekky Bowl (avocado, garlic & parsley fried mushrooms, sliced beef tomatoes, pink sauerkraut, spring onions, scrambled organic turmeric & chive tofu, pesto, lemon, nutritional yeast & mixed seeds). Along with that I shared a massive pain au chocolate with my friend, who went for the Mac & Cheese. We were both also super happy with our drinks (a ‘turmcac’, i.e. turmeric cacao latte for me and the peanut butter coffee – so good! – for her). It’s a super relaxed, comfy space with a Bali-inspired but not over-styled vibe. You can also check the options for yoga there. I’d definitely go back for the amazing looking toasties and the mermaid freakshake.


Just a 5 minute walk away is the also fully vegan Black Cat Cafe. I had a peek inside and it was super busy with people enjoying delicious-looking brunch. The croissants and pastries on display (see below) also looked fab – definitely one on my list to try 😉




This all-vegan pizza chain originating from Brighton had been on my radar for a while – for good reason, as I realized after the first doughy, cheezy & garlicky bite of my Green Supreme pizza. A white base with mozzarella (their fresh artisan mozzarella is made in-house using fermented organic brown rice milk), chilli peppers, friarelli (Italian style spinach), crumbled vegan sausage, chilli flakes & garlic oil on wholewheat sourdough (matured for at least 48 hours) – I don’t think I’ve ever had a more epic pizza experience. If you only get one pizza in London, come here!

Eat Genesis

Screenshot 2019-10-06 at 15.06.35.png

Photo by: @drinkeatlondon

This psychedelic-diner-style fully plant-based eatery in Shoreditch specializes in fast casual dining and organic comfort food. Back in January my friend and I ordered a bunch of different dishes, top favorites being the Banh Mi Dog and Kimchi Fries (do not miss out on these!). I would definitely go back to try the rest of the incredible menu, especially the sticky toffee pudding, ‘cheese’ sticks, peanut butter smoothie and one of their organic cocktails like the dragon mojito (with dragonfruit) or the cosmic spritz (containing kombucha and blue chai).

Kalifornia Kitchen

Screenshot 2019-10-06 at 15.11.16.png

Photo from @vegen_ellebelle

This was another stop on my January visit. “Insta-worthingly” pink-themed and deliciously vegan with a mix of both healthy options (rainbow bowl and tempeh Caesar salad) and comfort food (burgers and mock meat). I had the Klassic Kalifornia Burger (with the Moving mountain B12 burger patty), which was definitely a bit too meat-like for my liking! Next time I’d try a buddha bowl or go for pancakes and a latte. This place is also ideally located around the corner from my favorite Planet Organic (the Tottenham Court Road one), so more vegan treats are not far off!

 Wild Food Cafe, Islington


While I’ve been to the Wild Food Cafe in Neal’s Yard several times, I had never been to the newer Islington branch. The Wild Food Cafe I visited was fully raw, so the menu at the Islington one was a completely new one to me. Leila and I went there around noon for brunch on my first day back in London. Tired from a 7 am flight and absolutely ravenous, I went for the Fully Wild Breakfast: chickpea omelette with smokey chickpea tempeh bacon, avocado, multi-seed toast, massaged cavolo nero, asparagus and smoke baked beans – comfort on a plate. Each component was absolutely delicious on its own and, in combination, nothing short of magical. I also love the area (Upper Street, near Angel) as it’s close to where I used to live and is full of little shops and cafes. I would come back here for the banana bread toast, Italian meatball pizza, salted caramel slice and pistachio matcha!

Ms. Cupcake 


A Brixton institution and the UK’s first fully vegan bakery, this is the place to go to for vegan treats if you’re in the area. Part-shop part-bakery, you can buy both packaged vegan snacks and treats (I got a vegan “wagon wheel”!) as well as – the main reason for coming here – incredible vegan baked goods: from peanut butter cookies to Oreo cupcakes. I ended up going for a wonderfully cakey Oreo brownie, which was super indulgent. It’s really close to Grazie Dio It’s Vegan, so definitely check it out if you’re nearby.

Golden Oldies

There are so many places on my list (see links below) that I would and do happily go back to again and again. Here are some favorites I visited on my latest trip:

Redemption (first time at the Neal’s Yard location)


The mushroom toast and adaptogenic turmeric latte were both stellar. I highly recommend trying them!

Copperhouse Chocolate (formerly Jaz & Jul’s – my old local cafe)

Just as chocolatey and more vegan-friendly than ever, I couldn’t skip this cozy cafe while in the Angel-area. I went for my usual 100% Madagascar hot chocolate with a super delicious Rocky Road bar (tip: dip it into your hot chocolate for extra goodness!).


For more recommendations check out this collection of London-related posts:

Let me know if you’ve tried any of these places or what your favorites and recommendations are 🙂

Malaysia Holiday – Vegan Food & Accommodation Highlights

Hello and happy Sunday!

Two weeks ago I got back from a two week holiday in Malaysia – one of the most incredible holidays I’ve been on. My boyfriend and I were invited to friends’ wedding and decided to combine the beautiful occasion with some exploring. While the trip was a bit of a headache to plan (so we much we wanted to do and see while not wanting to completely overload our schedule), we found the right balance between city and beach life, culture and nature, adventure and relaxation. In this post I’m sharing our favourite food spots for plant-based eating as well as our accommodation highlights (scroll down). There’s a lot to cover, so let’s get straight to it!

Kuala Lumpur




This hipster-y cafe around the corner from our apartment was just what we wanted on our first morning after almost a full day of traveling. While not particularly vegan-oriented, I was able to order a delicious breakfast after a few tweaks: a massive portion of highly satisfying avocado on sourdough (leaving out the feta and egg) with a soy milk latte and a bottle of their amazing home-brewed kombucha (reminding me what real booch should taste like: tangy, acidic and also slightly sweet). My boyfriend enjoyed his fruity granola bowl with soy milk (there was dairy yogurt with it, but this could easily be omitted). It was super relaxed and a great place to fuel up while planning our next steps.

Simple Life Healthy Vegetarian Restaurant



Here I enjoyed my first real taste of Malaysia: a delicious, hot & spicy laksa with lots of veggies, tofu and tempeh. There was so much flavour and goodness in this bowl, some of which stayed with me in the form of tiny orange stains on my white dress… Afterwards I cooled down my palate with a divine dragonfruit smoothie. The menu was quite extensive and had several vegan options (dishes with egg were clearly marked) and I loved the focus on wholesome ingredients. The one we went to was located in a shopping centre, so definitely more of a lunch place.

Minf Houze Vegan Cafe


Located on the third floor of a slightly rundown looking mall, you definitely wouldn’t stumble upon this place by accident! It’s absolutely worth checking out though as it’s a little vegan haven filled with good food, positive vibes and several random teddy bears. There wasn’t a huge menu, but everything was vegan so I still had a hard time choosing. I ended up going for rice with some sort of bean concotion – no idea what it was, but it was soft yet gloriously crispy and totally delicious! It arrived on a tray with cucumber pickle, a spicy sauce, fruit and a soy-based pudding. I also really enjoyed my hazelnut latte and picked up a few of their homemade vegan mooncakes ( ❤ ) to go.

Sushi Kitchen 


Yes, I know sushi isn’t Malaysian and I know you shouldn’t go to the same place more than once when you have limited time BUT this fully vegan place was an absolute gem. We first discovered it in Georgetown, Penang (this shoe-free zone had a fun, eccentric and laid back vibe) and then went back to it in KL (this newly-opened branch in Bukit Bintang was more “trendy”, but also really relaxed). We ate our way through many items on the menu and were in raptures with each one – particular favourites were the seasonal mango rolls and the epic cakes. I don’t know what it was about their homemade vegan cakes (chocolate & vanilla) with whipped cream and jam / fresh fruit, but I don’t think I could ever get enough of them! What we also loved about Sushi Kitchen was the sustainable, wellbeing-oriented concept (wholesome ingredients, no chemicals, prevention of food waste, etc.). You can also buy their natural cleaning products made from leftover vegetables (in the KL branch).


Note: We also ate quite a bit of amazing Indian food in KL. No specific recommendations here, just go to Little India and you’re bound to find incredible vegan options!


Pinxin Vegan Cuisine


Another one of the fully vegan places on this list, this is one we would definitely have gone back to if we’d had the time. It had a quirky interior, very friendly staff and incredible food, reminding us very strongly of our favourite haunt in Labuan Bajo, Flores from last year’s Indonesia holiday (Happy Banana 😉 ). We really liked the mix of traditional Malaysian and western food on the menu and had trouble deciding on what to order. I was very happy with my Nasi Lemak, which included red rice, tempeh and some sort of spicy mushroom stew. I had it with home-brewed kombucha and for dessert we shared a very memorable cacao brownie.

The restaurant also has a small shop section selling all kinds of lovely, sustainable products – perfect for gifts or your own use. I went away with three reusable silicone food storage bags as well as some silicone tops for covering dishes.


Nearby, on the opposite side of the street is another vegan restaurant (this neighbourhood definitely seemed like the place to be for vegans!) called Blue, which we sadly didn’t make it to.

Wholey Wonder


Unsurprisingly located just two streets away from Pinxin and Blue (above), this was another little plant-based gem. I went for an insanely delicious choco chia parfait, which contained an entire vegan snickers bar (what more could you want!). My boyfriend went down the savoury route with a pizza topped with veggies and tempeh (also would have been available with a gluten-free base). It was super cute and another place we would have loved to go back to. The only negative point / curiosity was another guest holding a live broadcasted meditation session on his laptop from the table behind us. My boyfriend and I were alternating between rolling our eyes at his strange instructions and trying not to crack up at his loud displays of peculiar breathing techniques.

Right behind Wholey Wonder we discovered Pharm Hut, home of incredible water kefir, hidden behind lots of beautiful greenery. The lovely lady let offered us tasters of all the different flavours and we left with a bottle of dragonfruit and one of ginger kefir – I can highly recommend checking the Hut out if you’re in Georgetown!


The Healthy Leaf House Cafe

This little cafe near Fort Cornwallis was a lovely spot for an early dinner after a day of lots of walking around Georgetown. It’s fully vegetarian and has nice, healthy Malaysian food. They also stocked vegan mooncakes (seasonal), so of course we tried one of those as well – super delicious!

Sushi Kitchen (see above)

Matcho Cafe

Version 2

A real “insta-cafe”, this place was in the style of some we’d seen in Bali the year before. Cute, calm and very pink with some green accents, it seemed like a little “insta-bubble” – in stark contrast to the more rundown exterior of the street it’s on. I had a delicious smoothie bowl and matcha latte while my boyfriend enjoyed the free wifi and water (he’d had breakfast at our hotel). I wouldn’t have gone out of my way to go back here again though: The other places were just too interesting and this seemed a bit soulless / uninspiring in comparison. Plus, there weren’t all too many vegan options. If you want good matcha and insta-worthy pink toast, this is the place to go though.

Accommodation Highlights

The Blue Mansion (Georgetown, Penang) – a historic gem, lovingly renovated and managed. Harmonious and with a high standard of service and comfort, I can’t recommend this place enough! (Just note: the food / breakfast is not particularly vegan-friendly. I didn’t make any special requests as we went to different cafes and restaurants while there).

1511 Coconut Grove (Tioman Island) – located on stunning Juara Beach next to a turtle sanctuary, this place was paradise. The cabins are very simple but comfortable and incredibly close to the beach. You can get vegan meals onsite (the vegan options were a bit limited in that area in general – think fruit, rice, curries & some bean curd – but then, you don’t go to Tioman for the food :D). It was a dreamy experience ❤

Club Med Cherating Beach – this was the location of our friends’ wedding. Beautiful, secluded beaches (we would walk and swim and not see anyone else!), a great adults-only Zen Pool area and in terms of food we were absolutely spoiled – so much variety and it was all-you-can-eat (and you better believe we did!).

Best Vegan Food in Boston

Hello and happy Sunday!

I’m back with some more recommendations for where to get fantastic plant-based food – this time not Berlin, but Boston! From mid to the end of April I visited my boyfriend, who is in Cambridge, Massachusetts (just outside of Boston), working on his doctoral thesis. The first week we went on a rather cold and dreary but super fun road trip up to Bar Harbor, Maine and back down via Vermont and New Hampshire. We spent the second week in Cambridge and Boston, where the options for vegan food were bountiful!

Here I’ll show you some of my favorite places from that holiday:

Life Alive Organic Cafe


This was probably my favorite healthy place – so good that we went twice, even though it was my mission to try as many places as possible 🙂 It’s organic, wholesome, vibrant, fresh and colorful, with great vegan options. If I lived in the area, I would 100% be a regular.

We came here for the first breakfast after my arrival – the perfect culinary start to the holiday: We both had the super delicious açai bowl (topped with fresh blueberries, peanut butter, spiced peanuts and coconut hemp crunch) and tried fun lattes/teas. He had the Chaga Chai and I had the best latte of my life: the Ocean Blue latte (blue-green algae, maca, vanilla, maple, sea salt) with oat milk – thick and frothy and the wonderful subtle sweetness from the maca and maple – an absolute dream! They also do the Ocean Blue as an amazing, indulgent smoothie/shake (using coconut-based ice cream from FoMu – scroll down for a review), which my boyfriend ordered the second time we went.

The second time here I fell in love with the Green Goddess bowl: short grain brown rice, broccoli, kale, avocado, tofu and sprouted legumes dressed in the best Ginger Nama Shoyu Sauce. Sounds simple but it blew me away and ended up recreating it as the first meal I had back in Switzerland. If I could only eat one (savory) bowl again for the rest of my life it would be that one!


One thing to note: While it’s definitely a popular weekend brunch spot, most of the options are savory. If you prefer a sweeter breakfast then the açai bowl and juices and smoothies will be your options.

Veggie Galaxy


On the other end of the spectrum we have probably the unhealthiest place you could go to for vegan food – but also one of the most epic! I would definitely be a regular here too if I lived nearby … so it’s probably better that there’s now a safe distance between me and the vegan stuffed french toast (vanilla cream cheese) and the crazy carby comfort creation that is the Mac n Stack: Burger (or crispy fried seitan chick’n), tempeh bacon, lettuce & sriracha mayo between two Mac & Cheeze waffles!! The blueberry pancakes were amazing too. What my boyfriend and I unanimously deemed the best option of all, however, was the Buffalo Chick’N Mac & Cheeze. It was absolutely divine – the best guilty pleasure! The creamy mac & cheeze was the perfect complement to the spiced buffalo chick’n that was packed with flavor – one of the best vegan junk food dishes I’ve ever had! Even my boyfriend who is vegetarian (i.e. eats dairy) said this was better than any non-vegan mac and cheese he’d had.



If you still have room for after that (I’d suggest coming separately for just dessert!) there is an amazing array of cakes and bakes, shakes and vegan donuts with rotating flavors. We (and by that I mean mostly me) had a glorious Boston Cream donut after our breakfast (I called it the day of gluttony).


This retro-style diner is fully vegetarian but everything can be made vegan. (I guess that also means the omelettes..). Just make sure you specify that you’d like the vegan option.

Jugos Supremo


This bright little place is the kind where you feel healthier just looking at things. I had a divine pitaya bowl (Santa Domingo: pitaya, banana, cashew, guava, oats, maca, almond milk topped with granola, banana, chia seeds, almond butter and raspberries) – incredibly creamy- with a punchy ginger shot and turmeric latte.

There are two locations: The Jugos on Dartmouth St, which is more of a grab-and-go place and Jugos Supremo, where you can sit and enjoy a latte and a bowl or tostada.

Veggie Crust


Let’s go from super healthy back to vegan junk food – are we spotting a theme here? Let’s just say I enjoyed the full spectrum of vegan food in the Boston area 🙂

My boyfriend and I went to Veggie Crust in Somerville for dinner the first night of my trip and boy were we in for a treat! Forget just ordering a regular pizza without cheese and forget ordering any old pizza with vegan cheeze, this place is next level vegan pizza goodness! We (you know I mean I) chose the Cauliflower Manchurian (spiced cauliflower, ginger, garlic, fresh cilantro and manchuarian sauce) with vegan cheeze (apparently they use Daiya). We ordered a large to share and eat in a nearby park (the place itself was a bit dark). Nothing beats the smell of freshly baked pizza emanating temptingly from a hot cardboard box that’s warming your hands and driving your senses crazy. And nothing will ever beat that first bite of Cauliflower Manchurian pizza – hot, spicy, gingery, garlicky, creamy, doughy and utterly explosive. BOMB. We both looked at each other, like, is this for real?! Seriously guys, I’m not being overly dramatic – pure bliss. Word of warning though: definitely quite spicy!

This place is vegetarian, but the vegan pizza options are incredible. You can also opt for a gluten-free or wholewheat thin crust if you prefer (we chose regular).

Bonus tip: The Comedy Studio is five minutes walk from the Somerville Veggie Crust. We went there another night and had so much fun – would definitely recommend visiting! It’s located at Bow Market, which is a hispter-y little cluster of shops and food joints. As you can bring food into the Comedy Studio, why not grab some pizza at Veggie Crust before? Just an idea 🙂



Just down the street from Jugos Supremo (see above) is one of the FoMu plant-based ice cream parlors. This is another must! I’ll keep it short and sweet: I had the chocolate pudding-flavored ice cream sandwich: literally chocolate pudding ice cream sandwiched between two fantastic chocolate chip cookies (drool). The cakes they had on display looked insane as well. I would definitely order a birthday cake from here (and donuts from Veggie Galaxy 😉 ) if I could!


Whole Heart Provisions


Ok, back to some of the healthier delights. Whole Heart Provisions would be my top pick for an every day kind of healthy meal. It’s fully vegan and has a variety of pre-set bowls as well as the option to customize. For each bowl you also choose between brown rice & quinoa / arugula / jasmine rice / marinated kale (you can choose two) as your base. My favorite of the bowls I tried was Cassie: japanese eggplant, chickpeas, pickled cauliflower, green beans, basil, currants, (the best!) crispy chickpeas and a creamy harissa dressing, with brown rice & quinoa and marinated kale as the base. My boyfriend’s Miso bowl (roasted broccoli, smashed cucumber, shaved brussels, edamame, crispy chickpeas (again, heaven!), red cabbage, slaw, sesame and orange miso dressing) was also packed full of flavor and goodness! We also liked the different kombucha flavors (we tried ginger and turmeric).


This place also does Sunday brunch at two of its locations (Central Sq. & Allston), inclucing pancakes! The only minus points it gets from me – and my boyfriend – is for the açai bowl. A PB&J açai sounded fabulous, but was sadly very icy and lacking in flavor (my boyfriend had it before me and said the same, so that might just be the way it usually is).

Red White Japanese Vegan 


This newly opened place serves bowls based on a similar concept as Whole Heart Provisions, but with its own unique style and flavors. You also choose a base (red or white rice, both containing vegetables and either black beans or sesame), then pick the veggies/boosters you want on top (either you go for their set versions or pick and choose wildly as I did) and in a third step you pick your sauce. All the sauces were fab (they let us taste them all) so it was a really tough choice! I ended up picking both cilantro & ginger and red spicy. And as a last step you can pick regular (vegan) mayo or spicy mayo. We took our heavily laden takeaway boxes to the nearby green space on Commonwealth Avenue, enjoying our massive portions in the sun, watching the dog walkers and their pooches pass by.

By the way, if you like green tea / matcha, definitely give their green tea a go! My boyfriend absolutely hated it, pulled a face and passed it on to me, but I really liked the strength of the deep grassy flavor and would go for it again!

Roxy’s Grilled Cheese & Burgers


Before you think it’s getting too healthy (just kidding, no such thing as too many veggies 😉 ), let’s throw in some more dirty vegan junk food. I couldn’t resist trying this place when I read that they do a vegan grilled cheese sandwich (“cheesy and buttery without either of those things”, as aptly described on the website). I went for the Buffalo Tofu Melt: Daiya cheddar cheese, buffalo tofu, lettuce, tomato, house made ranch. It was wickedly satisfying and didn’t leave me feeling as gross as I expected (same day as the Veggie Galaxy pancakes and Boston Cream donut – like I said: #dayofgluttony). For a slightly more sophisticated sammie there’s also a Daiya cheddar cheese, fig jam, caramelized onion and arugula version.

Juicy Greens


Located in Jamaica Plain, we combined a brunch here with a beautiful stroll through the Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University, enjoying the blossoming trees. I really liked the style of the place and the tempting menu! There is also a little section with natural body products and other nice things. I went for an açai bowl that I really enjoyed along with a matcha latte. The real star were my boyfriend’s vegan waffles, though, with hints of cinnamon and covered in strawberries and maple syrup. Definitely recommend!

What got points off from me was the fact that everything was served in takeaway dishes and cups, even though we ordered to eat in. I’m not sure if they were out of cups and plates or if that’s just the way they do it. Either way it didn’t feel as welcoming (or environmentally friendly).

Pressed Juicery


Unfortunately I only discovered this place on the very last day of my trip (I wrote it off after realizing they don’t have smoothie bowls – a mistake). I came here to stock up on some pre-flight health shots and discovered something truly brilliant: their freeze (healthy & vegan version of soft serve ice cream!).  They have vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and matcha – and very little ingredients! The matcha one I got my boyfriend and I is only made of filtered water, dates, almonds, vanilla, spirulina, spinach, cucumber, kale and matcha – how amazing is that?? It was utterly delicious, super refreshing and left us both feeling energized. You can choose from several toppings, including fruit and nut butter.

I also really liked the vitality shot (turmeric, lemon, coconut, filtered water, black pepper) and my boyfriend and I both loved the tart cherry shot. (Did you know that tart cherries are high in melatonin and have apparently been linked to improved quality of sleep? Didn’t help my jetlag situation back home though 😛 ). It was definitely all a bit on the pricey side, but worth it for those healthy treats, in my opinion.

My Thai Vegan Cafe


The name kind of says it all. This place is fully vegan and has a huge selection of Thai dishes, usually involving noodles or rice and tofu and/or mock meats / mock seafood. It was also recommended to us by a non-vegan, which speaks for itself too!

What I enjoyed most was the novelty of the experience (fully vegan Thai cuisine, huge selection, kind of dingy, yet somehow also cool vibe, etc.). I wasn’t a big fan of the mock chick’n (definitely would order tofu next time), but it was fun giving it a go. The highlight for both us were the steamed veggie dumplings – I would go back just for these alone!

My boyfriend also ordered a taro bubble tea, which was delicious in a sickly sweet kind of way, if that makes sense?

Black Bird Donuts


It was tough getting my hands on one of these! The vegan flavors were always sold out by the time I got there, except on the last day (I found out when the next delivery would arrive and then made sure I was there in time!). We both went for a plain vanilla glazed donut, which was everything a donut should be – super fluffy, sweet and seriously satisfying. I just hope that there will be more vegan flavor options available in future.

That’s it for my top recommendations! I hope you find this useful. Let me know if you’ve been to any of these places or have some recommendations of your own 🙂

And finally, some further places to check out in Boston and the surrounding area:

  • True Bistro – for a more fine-dining experience (and they have vegan crepes and waffles and “chicken” for brunch on weekends); fully vegan
  • Allston Diner – has vegan options, including vegan pancakes
  • Cocobeet – plant-based juice bar
  • ByChloe – the vegan food chain originally from New York
  • Blaze Pizza – option to build your own pizza with vegan cheese
  • Union Square Donuts – they have some vegan options
  • Sweetgreen – I enjoyed the vegan superfood salad; mostly has non-vegan options though
  • Wholesome Fresh – deli-style eatery with buffet and option to order sandwiches, wraps etc.; had a great hummus wrap here
  • Whole Foods (duh) – for snacks and take-away meals (pre-prepared or from the buffet section); also had a great vegan chocolate chip cookie from here

A Vegan Weekend in Berlin

Hello and happy Sunday!

I’m back with another post. Yes, it’s been a while … (!) It felt right to take a bit of a break, as writing blog posts was becoming just another item on my expanding to-do list and one that I just wasn’t mustering up the motivation for. Add to that an increasingly sluggish laptop and a cell phone breakdown that resulted in lost data (note to self: regular backups are a must), spending more time staring at a screen and piecing together posts after work or on the weekends just wasn’t what I wanted to be doing. Nevertheless, my passion for plant-based eating is as strong as ever (check my instagram account @blueberrysmiles22 for my foodie ventures), and I’m happy to continue sharing experiences, thoughts, recipes and recommendations as much as I can 🙂 I hope you find this helpful!

At the end of March I enjoyed a short but sweet weekend break to Berlin – a city I’d heard much about but never quite made a priority to visit. However, when a friend suggested a change of scene, it was the first city that came to my mind. Short flight from Switzerland, lots to see and … amazing food. Berlin has a reputation for being the vegan capital of Europe and, after having been there, I can definitely see why. (After a year in London, I was skeptical: could Berlin be more vegan-friendly than the home of Vurger, Farmacy, FED by Water etc.?* Turns out the answer is yes!). At the hotel reception I discovered the first sign: a packet of freeze-dried smoothie snacks (these ones from Frau Ultrafrisch – a company from Hamburg). Not being able to resist inspecting anything that looks healthy and delicious (especially in pretty packaging) I picked it up and was immediately encouraged by the receptionist to take it (incidentally the moment I realized I already liked this hotel a lot 😉 ).


Dinner was a 20-minute walk from our hotel (Hotel Indigo Berlin – East Side Gallery) through Friedrichshain – a neighborhood in eastern Berlin with a cool, slightly grungy charm.  In case we had any doubt as to the vegan-friendliness of Berlin, the chalk-written activist messages we came along on our way completely wiped these out. (I clapped my hands in delight and immediately whipped out my phone, while my friend subtly edged away and pretended not to know me).


1990 Vegan Living


Dinner was at a fully vegan Vietnamese restaurant that had been recommended to me. Luckily I made a reservation after arriving at our hotel, as they’d only had one table left for an early dinner (definitely recommend a reservation, especially if you decide to go on  a Friday evening like we did). The menu contains lots of little dishes that you can go crazy with and combine to your heart’s delight. Super hungry after a busy morning at work followed by traveling we ordered a wide array of dishes to share. The flavors were absolutely stunning – particular highlights being the fried seaweed balls with wasabi (in the spoons), the vegetable and tempeh dish and the green dumplings (don’t quite remember the name, I wanna say Shaolin Dumplings?). This is definitely a place I would easily go back to again.


Cupcake Berlin


After our delicious Vietnamese feast we were on the hunt for some dessert. We didn’t walk far before I stopped in my tracks at the words vegan brownies . While there were only three vegan options (mini chocolate cupcakes, banana bread and brownies), I would absolutely recommend going here just for the superb vegan brownies! Enormous, thick, fudgy and generously topped with walnuts, we were in heaven, sharing this back in our hotel and trying not to get crumbs everywhere. The chocolate cupcake was nice, but a bit too sweet for our taste and nowhere near as satisfying as the brownie.



Brammibal’s Donuts



If in Berlin, this is another must-try! On Saturday morning we headed here after a matcha latte at Superfoods & Organic Liquids (was originally planning on having breakfast there, but the location we went to was more of a takeaway place and didn’t have the açai bowls I’d seen on the online menu). All the flavors are vegan, but the choice for a chocoholic nut-butter addict like me was clear: chocolate peanut fudge (of course!). My friend went for irish coffee. We sat outside in the sun and savored each bite of our fluffy and gloriously indulgent donuts. Food for the soul 😉


After sunny walks through central Berlin, appreciating the must-see sights, we found ourselves hungry and near one of the places I’d flagged on my Google maps app:

Beets & Roots


We were craving something slightly more nutritious than our breakfast treat, so this seemed like the perfect place. The avocado bowl (avocado, beluga lentils, sweet potato, baby spinach, pomegranate seeds, coriander, chickpeas, yuzu dressing and nut mix) I had was a real winner! It sounded like the standard kind of bowl I’ve probably had before in some other health food place, but it blew all of those out of the water. The flavors were amazing and the textures (that sweet potato!) were perfect. This was one of the best bowls of this kind that I’ve had in a long time – I could get this again and again.

Also, if you hear the staff shouting Tom Hanks! and think it’s you’re lucky day, running into a celebrity in Berlin, don’t get your hopes up. When you order, they assign you a different celebrity name (I was Brad Pitt and my friend Julia Roberts).

Fueled we stopped by the nearby ice cream shop Süsse Sünde, where we were impressed by the looong queue. The vegan options are marked and I really enjoyed the dark chocolate sorbet, while relaxing in the Volkspark am Weinberg.

Goura Pakora


While Indian food can be very veggie- and vegan-friendly, an all-vegan Indian place is a rare find and all the more special. While the food took a long time to come (you order and pay, then wait until they ring up your number), it was absolutely worth the wait: we shared a thali (plate filled with small portions of different warm and cold dishes) as well as an insanely large dosa filled with tofu, veggies and peanut sauce. We were in heaven! Lots of flavors, lots of textures – so much goodness! Another place I’d definitely be going back for more if I lived in Berlin.

Kaffee Ingwer


Finally, for our last meal in Berlin on Sunday morning we gave the nearby Kaffee Ingwer (literally: Ginger Café) a go. It was very cute, very small and bright and the staff was friendly. They didn’t have quite as many options as I expected (they didn’t have a smoothie bowl that day), but all the options are vegan and they had everything from smoothies and lattes to croissants and cakes. I’d definitely pop in again if I was in the neighborhood (maybe for a cake and latte), but would try out something new for breakfast if I was in Berlin again.

Finally, one further highlight I’d like to share with you is the:

Veganz Supermarket:


We came across this by accident, as we walked to dinner on the Friday night, and I was beyond excited! A FULLY-VEGAN-SUPERMARKET! And not just one of those tiny shops where you can barely move and feel awkward if you spend too long picking everything up while only buying a protein bar – a proper, decently-sized shop starting with the open fruit and veg section and then leading onto almost everything you could possibly want: from the requisite nut butters and sweet and savory treats to all kinds of vegan replacement foods (such as vegan cheezes, meat alternatives, vegan “caviar”, special seasoning for scrambled tofu, readymade pizza). They also had a section with vegan toothpastes, body, skin and haircare products, cosmetics etc. I definitely restrained myself and went for only a few old favorites (some products I already knew from the UK, such as the loveraw nut butter cups and Engevita nutritional yeast) and a few new products (vegan “chorizo”, kala namak salt, cream for whipping etc.). Having such a shop in Zurich would be the dream – hopefully, places like this are the future we’re heading towards, as the demand for plant-based options increase.


I left Berlin with a weekend-full of memories and half a suitcase full of vegan goodies (obsessed with the Rookies – wish I had more!). On a non-food note, I discovered an organic vegan skincare brand: Bio Végane Skinfood. I’m loving the smell of the açai serum and green tea face wash and the feel of the açai cream and baobab anti-pollution and blue-light-blocking spray!

That’s all from this trip. I hope you enjoyed reading. Let me know if you try any of these places or have further must-visits!


* For London check out my Ultimate Guide as well as Part II, Part III and Part IV.


Vegan Food in Salzburg

Hello and happy Sunday!

Last week my boyfriend and I made the most of a long weekend and took the train to Salzburg. We spent two nights in the beautiful Austrian city that is the birthplace of Mozart and the backdrop to some of my favorite scenes from The Sound of Music (I couldn’t help breaking into song until my boyfriend – who hasn’t seen the movie – was able to sing along too 😀 ).

True to my foodie nature, I picked out some vegan-friendly places I wanted to check out. Gabriel, my boyfriend, doesn’t even pretend to try and influence our choice of restaurant anymore – he simply asks me where we should go, and when one place was unexpectedly closed [to say I was disappointed to miss out on vegan Wiener Schnitzel and Knödel at Restaurant Milton is an understatement] he immediately asked me what else I knew (and yes, I did have a backup).

We weren’t there long, but I think we definitely made the most of the vegan foodie scene in between enjoying the cultural offerings of Salzburg. If you ever visit this city – which I definitely recommend for a short city break – you should seriously consider checking out these places:

The Green Garden


This vegetarian place has a young and fresh vibe with quirky plants hanging down from the ceiling inside lampshades. Vegan options are clearly labeled and plentiful enough to ensure indecision. Gabriel went for a wrap while I had the asian buddha bowl – fresh greens, courgetti, avocado, pomegranate, sprouts, radish, seeds, two rice paper vegetable rolls and a delicious dressing – as well as the sweet potato sashimi. The “sashimi” was very intriguing and actually tasted a bit like sushi in combination with the pickled ginger and beetroot wasabi – we both agreed this was stunning. We had to wait a while for our food, as one of the servers had forgotten about one of the dishes, but it was all well worth the wait.


For dessert we couldn’t resist (ok, mainly couldn’t resist) checking out the Green Garden vegan ice cream parlor right next to the cafe. I had a scoop of blueberry ice cream and a scoop of the best peanut ice cream I’ve ever had! Their ice cream is made with rice, coconut or oat milk and is full of flavor – Gabe enjoyed his more savory-tasting pumpkin seed one.


Spicy Spices

IMG_8956 (1).jpg

This Indian organic restaurant-and-health food shop is the place to hit up for some good, honest veggie food. Nothing pretentious about it and it seem to operate like a canteen. Our food (dhal with veggies and basmati rice) was brought to us within minutes. They also have a variety of organic teas and juices – my boyfriend went for an unsweetened pomegranate juice, which made him pull a face while drinking 🙂 The guy serving us came several times to see if we were alright and even filled up Gabe’s plate a second time (no extra charge), after asking if he wanted some more.

After our meal I also bought us some Vivani chocolate bars from the store section. If we’d stayed in Salzburg longer I definitely would have come back here again for more Indian comfort food.


Heart of Joy Cafe


This was one of the places I’d chosen for breakfast. I was quite interested by the variety on the menu – from vegan ham to superfood muesli, it caters to a range of vegan desires. I was about to go for porridge, following my boyfriend’s order, but made a snap decision to get one of the chocolate cupcakes displayed along with raw vegan cheesecakes and other goodies – a decision I certainly did not regret. It was wonderfully chocolatey and not sickly sweet – perfect with my oat mylk matcha latte, which was better than any of the recent ones I’ve had in Switzerland. Gabe was happy with his fruit-laden porridge, but had to adopt a competitive attitude to finish the whole thing (it was a very generous serving!).

I was also excited to see they sold my favorite Primal Pantry protein bars (I was addicted to these back in London). I couldn’t resist getting a cacao brownie one for snacking on at Hellbrunn Palace later that day.


Organic Pizza


This place was not originally on my must-eat-at list, but I suggested it after we saw that Restaurant Milton was closed. While it by no means offered us the novelty of eating vegan Austrian food, it was a very satisfying meal all the same. They have a pizza menu with a section for vegan pizzas and offer regular or spelt and flax dough (which I went for – the lower one in the photo). The only minus points this place gets is due to the fact that it was understaffed – the poor guys working there barely had time to come over and let us pay, and had to clean cutlery by hand as they had run out. Definitely a good sign though, if a small pizza place like that is packed.





Last but by no means least: our last meal in Salzburg was breakfast at fully plant-based cafe GustaV. Overeagerly arriving 15 minutes before it opened (9 am on Saturday), we soaked up some sun at one of the tables outside while studying the menu. When I saw french toast, the path ahead was clear – while vegan pancakes are (thankfully!) becoming more common, vegan french toast is still somewhat of a rare find. Gabe ordered the muesli with a beetroot latte, which he waited to try until everything was set out and photos had been taken (I’m very impressed by how he’s gone from eye-rolling to actually taking my food photography somewhat seriously). I had a delicious oat mylk hot chocolate with my epic french toast that was topped with banana, apple, orange and maple syrup. Apparently they make a batter using lupin flour and water, then pan-fry the toasts. Definitely one to try at home kids 😉

Judging from the menu this is also a nice place to go for a light lunch – sandwiches, soups, salads and cake etc. I would have loved to try more here.

After GustaV’s we headed to the station and from there took the train to Innsbruck, where we spent a few hours wandering around the old town. The little health food places that I’d wanted to eat at were sadly closed, so we ended up going to Ludwig’s which is a burger joint with locations in both Innsbruck and Salzburg. We both had the vegan burger and sweet potato fries, which were nice, but not something I’d go especially out of my way to have. Back in Salzburg there is another burger place offering a vegan burger (Bio Burger Meister) which we passed, but didn’t try.

That’s it for this trip – as you can see, I really did try to make the most of every meal 😉 And I have to say, I found the options for plant-based eating in Salzburg very impressive.

I hope you enjoyed reading, and please let me know if you have any other recommendations for Salzburg!



Dubai Holiday – Food Spots

Hello and happy Friday!

I was in Dubai recently for a relaxing beach holiday with my sister. We had an amazing time soaking up the sun and stunning views, exploring some of Downtown Dubai and eating good food. It’s an incredible place and I’d love to go back again to discover more!

While we spent most of the time at the beach, enjoying the warmth and working on our tan (a wishful endeavor in my case – still pale), I do have a few recommendations I’d like to share with you.

Fairmont the Palm


First off, the hotel we stayed at was truly amazing. Fairmont the Palm is perfectly situated on the stem of the Palm Jumeirah, providing incredible views of the city. In terms of the food I honestly wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I’d inquired ahead of time about vegan options and had been assured that wouldn’t be a problem. And indeed, I was spoiled for choice at the Flow Kitchen buffet – from the creamiest hummus, moutabel (eggplant dip) and my favorite ‘burghul bi banadoura‘ (tomato bulgur) to cold soba noodle salad, veggie sushi, fresh and cooked vegetables, sweet potato mash and tofu curry, there were all kinds of wonderful things. Most of our meals were at the hotel, but we never got tired of them, as there were always new options alongside some yummy staples (hummus all day every day 😉 ). Breakfast left me with slightly less choice than my sister, but the choice I did have was delicious. I always went for the same: fresh fruit with amazing homemade granola topped with berry compote, nuts and soy milk. (I’d sometimes have some whole wheat toast and jam after). The only caveat is that vegan options are not specifically labeled, but, for me, there were enough obviously plant-based dishes so that I didn’t have to inquire about everything.



The hotel also has other places to eat, our favorite being Little Miss India – an Indian (no surprise there) restaurant with a wonderfully eclectic feel to it. The staff immediately asked about intolerances/special dietary requirements, and were quick to help me find dairy-free options. Both times there I went for turmeric & ginger cauliflower with saffron rice, which I’d have again and again! Absolutely incredible flavor.



Common Grounds


This cute little place in the Mall of the Emirates has lots of lovely options – not all vegan, but they do have really nice breakfast things (including buckwheat pancakes), as well as an all-day açai bowl and lattes – my kind of place 😉 It also feels quite relaxed and bright.



Super Natural Kitchen


We almost didn’t find this place, as it wasn’t listed in the Dubai Mall directory – but that’s only because it’s located in the Galleries Lafayette (2nd floor). This little raw vegan place is an absolute gem! Just looking at the menu filled me with joy.  I went for the banana pancakes, açai bowl and matcha frappe – all of which I totally recommend! The only thing I didn’t quite like was the açai bowl topping (basically just a lot of pistachios and other nuts, versus granola). Definitely one not to miss in my opinion!

That’s it for this trip – I’d love to go back someday and try more of what Dubai has to offer!

Have a great weekend 🙂




Weekend in Turin – Vegan Food Spots

Hello and happy Wednesday!

This past weekend I was in Turin for the first time, pre-celebrating my 4-year anniversary with my boyfriend, while enjoying both the cultural & culinary offerings of this beautiful northern Italian city.

Confession: The culinary aspect definitely weighed into my vote for this destination. My boyfriend was quite surprised when, a few days after he had suggested Turin and a few other places – and received a noncommittal response from me – I sent him an excited message that I’d love Turin, along with my hotel suggestions. He was (rightly) suspicious about this sudden excitement, and only when I later told him that Turin is one of Italy’s most veggie-friendly cities did a look of understanding (and amusement) cross his face. (He just laughed and – again, rightly – told me not to focus my Turin research on just restaurants 😀 )

We had an absolutely wonderful weekend and perfectly combined exploring the city (a really great free walking tour the first morning provided us with an overview of the sights as well as interesting insights into the history and culture) with fueling our explorations while trying some of the amazing vegan options.

Here are my recommendations for vegan food in Turin:

Soul Kitchen


This place is not to be missed. It offers true Italian fine dining in a really stylish, but also homey atmosphere – and it happens to be all vegan! (It also has a menu section with raw dishes). My boyfriend and I each had a primo piatto (pasta with a broccoli cream sauce for me and spinach gnocchi in a mushroom sauce with slivers of truffle – divine! – for him), then shared a secondo (a chickpea tempeh dish with pear and endive) as well as a dessert (chocolate mousse with buckwheat granola and dried persimmon). The whole evening was an absolute treat and really inspiring! Really can’t recommend this enough. Just make sure you have a reservation ahead of time, as it did fill up quite quickly. (Luckily I’d already made us a secret reservation days before our trip 😉 ).

Location: Via Santa Giulia 2, 10124 Torino



Flower Burger


This vegan Italian burger chain (also located in Rome, Milan and Monza) has a cool vibe and a really fun burger menu. You can literally eat the rainbow here with buns ranging from charcoal black (ok not really a color of the rainbow, but you get what I’m saying) and turmeric yellow to cherry pink like the “Cherry Bomb” burger my boyfriend tried. I went for the “Cheesy Chico” which was a chickpea based patty full of herby flavor and a wonderful cheesiness. Also definitely go for the potatoes – we shared some and these little wedges were so delicious and not too greasy.

Location: Via Antonio Bertola, 29/c, 10122 Torino





This was one of the places on my radar, so when we accidentally passed it after our walking tour, on our way to Flower Burger, I had to have a quick look inside. And, of course, you can’t have a quick look and spot tasty treats without also grabbing something to go. I spotted some croissants, including a charcoal one and ended up going for a  wholewheat croissant with a blueberry jam filling for breakfast the next day – it was so delicious! I wish I could have gone back for a proper meal, but at least I got to try something 🙂

Location: Piazza Vittorio Veneto, 8, 10123 Torino






This vegan Italian restaurant, deli and PASTRY SHOP is also not to be missed in my opinion. It’s located slightly outside of the touristy center, but you can take a scenic walk back to the main attractions along the river Po, while digesting all the pastries you couldn’t resist. We went there for lunch on the second day and both ordered pizza – which was so satisfyingly doughy and thick, and really tasted like regular non-vegan pizza. Afterwards we kept the employees busy and entertained, ordering lots of items from the deli counter to take on the train with us as well as pastries and treats to bring home, in a mix of Italian (my boyfriend) and English & the odd mispronounced Italian word (me), while constantly asking what things were and changing our minds amid the never-ending options. I’ve never been to a fully vegan pastry shop, so this was truly a kid-in-candy-shop experience for me 🙂

Location: Corso Tortona 2, 10153 Torina

Note: What’s also great about this place is – unlike many others – it’s open on a Sunday!



There were more places I would have liked to try, so I’ll mention these too:

  • Mezzaluna – we had a peek inside on our way to Soul Kitchen, and it also has a little shop at the back
  • L’Articiocc (it wasn’t yet open when we wanted to check it out, unfortunately)
  • Il Gelato Amico – vegan gelateria! Need I say more?

And finally, one last tip is the health food store Ditta Ceni – which is right behind Mezzaluna. Here we found dried carob pods and I am now obsessed. They are so delicious and definitely worth stocking up on if you’re nearby!


Hope you enjoyed reading, and please let me know if you’ve tried any of these places or have any other recommendations!