Turmeric & Ginger spiced Quinoa

This is one of my absolute staple dishes that I make all the time. It’s so incredibly simple and makes me feel great every time I eat it. It’s so easy to prepare, quick to cook and all you’re left with is one pan to clean – not quite as convenient as shoving a pizza into the oven, but almost 😉  It’s a very useful dish to have on your radar for when you’re feeling lazy, uninspired or simply have no time but still want a warm and nourishing meal.

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Simple Tomato Tahini Pasta


This is one of my go-to speedy recipes for a healthy refueling meal after a workout. It’s so simple in fact, that it’s almost an exaggeration to call it a recipe, but let me bask in my (imagined) creative genius all the same. What I like about this besides that fact that it’s so quick and easy to make is that it’s incredibly satisfying – the tahini gives the whole thing a creamy and indulgent element, while the veg adds some freshness to it.

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